For Consumers


QUESTION: How do I find a Pest Management Professional in my area who is a KPCA Member?

ANSWER: You can contact our offices at 785-271-9220 or and we will be glad to help you find a member in your area. You can also search our membership roster, and find a company in your area. You can also find a professional at


QUESTION: Where can I get more information about the common pests in my home?

ANSWER: Visit for more detailed information about common pests. Also, if you need help with identification you can email us a photo at and we can help identify the pest.


QUESTION: Why should I choose a company that is a KPCA Member?

ANSWER: Companies and individuals who are members of KPCA are showing a commitment to the industry. This commitment shows that they are dedicated to proper pricing, in-depth research, commitment to continuing education and generally more engaged in the industry.