1948            KPCA Founded

1950s          Association works on most pressing issues of the time: low-ball pricing and fly-by-night operations. Leads the way in regulations that solve these problems.

1958           Annual Meeting with Kansas & Missouri. Bill J. Hawks, Ward Combs,  and Fred New preside over the meeting. Bob Russel was the keynote speaker on termite control.

1960           Begin official partnership with the NPCA, the national association that would eventually become the National Pest Management Association.

1968           First workshops for realtors and pest control companies are held in Manhattan.

1970s          Governor Robert F. Bennett signs the proclamation making the month of June “Pest Control Month”.

1975           KPCA hires its first lobbyist: Les Arvin

1979           KPCA adopts “Good Practice Procedures in Making Termite Inspections and Reports”.

1984           Vernon McKinzie, KPCA member, is elected President of NPCA

1986           Verifiable Training is officially adopted

1987           KPCA forms a relationship with the Kansas Association of Realtors.

1990s          Kansas Legislative Day begins

1993           KPCA changes is name from the Kansas Termite and Pest Control Association to the Kansas Pest Control Association.

1994           Regulations are unified at the State level, preempting local regulations of pesticide use.

1994           First woman is elected President of KPCA: O. Carolyn Nelson of Schendel Pest Control, Great Bend.

1998           KPCA retains its first booth at the Kansas State Fair

2011           Longest serving Association Executive Director Hal Hudson retires.

2015           KPCA begins its Master Technician Program