Program Overview

The Master Technician Series is unlike anything else offered in Kansas, or the region. The program is geared toward Pest Management Professionals committed to the field who strive to be experts in the industry.

The program provides in-depth, hands-on training using state-of-the-art equipment and each session is taught by top professionals and educators, including entomologists.

This is a continuous series of workshops investigating major pest groups, including: blood feeders, rodents/wildlife, termites, commercial/stored product pests, cockroaches, pest ants, occasional invaders, flies and more.

At the completion of each workshop, participants receive a certificate designating their completion and intensive study. Once a professional completes at least four (4) classes, they are designated a Master Technician from KPCA and Kansas State University.

To maintain Master Technician status, professionals must take at least one workshop every two (2) years. One workshop is held each spring and one workshop is held each fall, for a total of two (2) workshops per year totaling four (4) sessions.


To be eligible for this program, pest management professionals must:

  • Be a certified pest management professional applicator/technician by a state agency.
  • Have at least two (2) years certification in the pest management industry.
  • Be a KPCA member, or work for a company which is a KPCA member.


  • Unique program unlike any other offered in Kansas, or the region.
  • All certified Master Technicians are listed on the KPCA website.
  • Any business that has a professional who completes the Master Technician      program receives a logo for use on business materials.
  • Chance to be a scientist for a day, using laboratory equipment, microscopes and in-depth learning to better identify and treat the groups being studied.
  • Become better educated in the field, improving your ability to serve customers, distinguish yourself from the competition and move up in your company.
  • Designation as a Master Technician sets individuals apart and shows dedication to the industry and continued education in the pest management field.